Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The girls and I went to the Childrens Museum on Sunday. It ended up being a much longer day than I had anticipated, but it was a very good day. Jillian climbed a rock wall and made it all the way to the top. She was so excited because she "even beat a boy". Next weekend we go to Red Bud to visit my family! So excited, it has been way too long since we have seen them!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Gulf Shores

Hopefully, I am going to be able to figure out this whole blogging thing again. I always enjoyed doing it but for some reason, something went wrong and I could never post pictures. 
Ellen, Jana, Becky and I went to Gulf Shores for a few days the weekend of October 16th for my annual girlcation with Ellen.  Had a nice relaxing time. Mainly just eating, hanging out and relaxing. It was very nice! Jana, Ellen and I all got tattoos. Not as painful as the first one, but still a little painful. It is a shooting star on my hip bone with 4 stars around it. One star has Carleigh's birthstone and another is Jillian's birthstone. I love it!! Until next year!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We have been so busy these last few weeks. Back at the end of April, Jillian has Family Art Night. This was Jillian's art project on display. Isn't she cute :)

Jillian went to UPaint with Girls Scouts and painted me a plate for Mother's Day. Which, I absolutely LOVE!!!
Chris and I celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary by taking the girls to Outback Steakhouse.
Jillian's school had Family Game Night, which we went to, but it was kind of a PTO bust. It was kind of fun!
We went down to see Tara off to her prom. She looked beautiful!!
Ellen and I joined Planet Fitness and have actually been going on a regular basis (shocker I know). I signed up for the 2015 mini marathon. My goal is to just feel ok that day and not like I am dying. LOL.
At some point in time in between all of this, we went to Alvin and Shannon's house for Alvin to fix my car. While I went to Sparky's training class, Shannon snapped this picture and I absolutely LOVE it!!

Jillian's Girl Scout troop went to the Indianapolis Zoo the Saturday before Mother's Day to finish a patch about animals they were working on. So, Chris, Carleigh and I went too. It was fun.
Then on Mothers Day, I got breakfast in bed with cards and gifts from the girls and Chris. Along with the plate Jillian made me and a craft from daycare that Carleigh made me.  Jillian and I went to Hard Rock Cafe downtown for a Mother's Day lunch with Girl Scouts. That wasn't too bad. Some of the other girls were playing with their mom's phones and I wouldn't let Jillian, which didn't make her all too happy. But all Jillian asks for is alone time with me and she was getting it, so I wasn't going to let her waste her alone time with me with her nose in my phone. I'm kind of a stickler on devices at meal time or when we are having "family" time. It was nice to hang out with just her. She is growing up way too fast. We walked down to the monument beforehand, which she loved. She wants to go up to the top of the monument, which may end up being something daddy has to do if the elevator is as rickety as it used to be.
The day after Mother's Day, I went and had breakfast with Jillian at her school. Jillian's class was on the news for saying the Pledge of Allegiance.
This past Saturday, I droppped Sparky off at the vet to get 3 teeth pulled. I was hoping that would help with his chewing, but unfortunately since then he has already chewed up Jillian's new shoes (which totally pisses me off to be honest) and some pig that you squeeze when you are stressed that Nana got Carleigh. He better be happy that I love him because I just want to kill him a lot of times!! Even after his training classes. Then the fam went to Blakes birthday party.  We had a good time.

Sunday, we went to Jillian's bridging ceremony for Girl Scouts. She went from a Daisy to a Brownie. This is pictures of the girls before the ceremony

This is Jillian at the ceremony. They said something about each of the girls and they said Jillian was the caring one o the group. TOL said the same thing about her at an awards ceremony one year. Which is a very good trait to have, in my eyes!!

So, that has been our life in the last few months!  Life has been a little crazy these last few weeks and they aren't getting any less busy any time soon.
I don't even remember when we went to the Children's Museum, but we had a good time with Darcy & Rhianna!

The Friday before Easter, we went to Annie's house to color Easter eggs with her and Ava. We colored eggs and did a few other "crafty" things.

The Saturday before Easter, we went to an Easter egg hunt at the church where the girls go to daycare. They has a good time and got quite a bit of candy.

They also got a lot of candy for Easter! And a few other goodies from the Easter bunny. We had a good weekend all in all.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

I really wish I was better at blogging. Just for the fact that I could use it as a journal of all the fun things we do as a family. Maybe one day, I will get better!!
We have had a good 4 months. We did go to see Granny at Thanksgiving. Got together with family for Christmas, other than mine because I got the flu :( Girls were spoiled as normal! The picture below is just from Santa, let alone all the stuff they got at the other Christmas get togethers.
Chris and I went to see Peacetrain on New Years Eve for their last show. We had a great time!!! I did shed a few drunken tears at midnight because I missed Rick so much. The last time we had seen Peacetrain on New Years Eve was with him, so it brought back a lot of memories.
We went out to dinner as a family for Valentines Day at Olive Garden. We are hoping to make that a family tradition since Chris and I don't celebrate it with each other, figure we can celebrate it with the girls.
Jillian won her read-a-thon fundraiser by raising the most money in her grade. So she got to ride in a stretch limo to Monicals pizza & then got the red carpet treatment when she got back before the talent show. She didn't perform in the talent show, but we stayed to watch it. It was so much fun! The confidence it took for some of those kids to get up on that stage is amazing. I definitely admired them.

We have had the snowiest winter since 1981. We have had 51 + inches of snow this season. It was the first day of spring last week & we may get a dusting of snow on Wednesday! It's crazy and I'm getting the winter blues!! I need warmth!! We have had a glimpse or two of a few nice days, but its almost April and you almost wouldn't even know it!!

We went to a family dance at Jillian's school. I was so proud of Jillian because she actually got out and danced. Carleigh had no problem dancing right away, but I wasn't sure if Jillian actually would or not! I think they both had a good time! Jillian won a door prize of 15% off at Orange Leaf! YUM!!

We survived cookie season with Girl Scouts. Jillian's troop sold enough cookies to go to the Mystery Concert in June to see Fifth Harmony. They are very active with field trips, which is good for me because it keeps her active and hopefully will bring her out of her shell a little more each time.
We have gone to birthday parties at Jump N Play (Jillian one day, Carleigh the next), at homes and at a movie theatre. Jillian and I snuck away after a cookie booth and saw the Lego Movie. Chris, the girls and I went and saw Frozen (which we now own & they practically know every word to the song already). Jillian went to the birthday party at the movie theatre and she saw Mr. Peabody and Sherman. We went to Beef N Boards with mom to see "How I Became a Pirate". I think it may have been one of my favorites. And then I brought them home from that and introduced them to the Pirate Movie, which they also know all the words! (which I love because I LOVED that movie as a kid).
Chris and I have gone out on quite a few dates, thanks to my wonderful mother & to the dismay of Shannon!
This past Friday night, I picked Jillian up from daycare a little early, took her to McDonald's and then dropped her off at her Girl Scout leaders house for a Girl Scout field trip (learning about worms. yucky!!). Then went and picked Carleigh up from daycare & took her to McDonald's. Came home and waited for Jillian to return. On Saturday night, we went and saw an award ceremony for Sarah's karate. It was pretty cool to watch her perform and the others perform also. Then we went out to dinner with the family at El Meson (Chris got a chicken sandwich. lol).
Then today, we went to Monster Mini golf. Jillian was freaking out at first (scared by the "monsters"), but by the 5 or 6 hole, she finally calmed down. 

So, all in all, we have been a very busy family!! And I'm sure when the weather is consistently nice out, we may be even busier. It's been crazy, busy, fun and I've wanted to pull my hair out every once in awhile, but its been a great few months!!